The Members

Charlie Justmann – Bass Guitar, Bass Horn & Vocals

Charlie has performed professionally with many bands over the years starting with his Father’s band when he was ‘drafted’ at the age of 14. Charlie took over where his Father left off in 1997. Over the years he’d performed with many different bands. You will find Charlie in the credits of many records, cassettes and CDs recorded by his band, his Father’s band and other bands. Charlie now does the booking, library building and behind-the-scenes work of this band.

Bill Sargent – Drums & Vocals

Bill Sargent is arguably one of the finest percussionists in the Midwest. Bill, who lives in the Milwaukee area, has also been performing professionally since his early teens. Bill played professionally ‘on the road’ with Clyde McCoy when he was still late High School/early College age. He also leads his own bands in the Milwaukee area.

Bob Kaiser – Trumpet, Flugelhorn & Vocals

Bob Kaiser is the former band director of Lincoln High School in WI Rapids, WI. Bob has been playing professionally from very young on. As trumpet players go, Bob is undoubtedly one of the finest Trumpet players in Wisconsin. Bob is: “The Kaiser of the Trumpet”.

John Johnson – Trumpet, Flugelhorn & Vocals

John Johnson, also known as J.J., formerly of the University of Madison Marching Band has the chops that don’t quit. He is a professional in every way and has played with numerous bands throughout his lifetime. He is also one of the best in Wisconsin.

Monica Barden – Vocals

Monica Barden is one of the finest. One of the WI State University Professors that heard Monica’s voice and saw her performance with the Justmann Band stated that she was one destined for Nashville. Monica understands music, understands style and is one of the most versatile singers that will take a stage.

Shawn Johnston – Sax, Clarinet, Keyboard & Vocals

Shawn Johnston is the whole package. Shawn does everything well and does everything professionally. A former student of Bob Kaiser and Don Chesebro, he understands music. He is one that always strives for perfection, and achieves that perfection.

Jerry Moore – Sax, Clarinet & Vocals

Jerry Moore has been with the band longer than any of the other bandmembers. He is also one that has performed with many bands over the years. Highly respected amongst musicians, Jerry is an asset to any band.

Kyle Dewitt – Sax, Clarinet, Guitar & Vocals

Kyle Dewitt has that rare quality that makes him rise above other musicians his age. Also a former student of Bob Kaiser and Don Chesebro, Kyle is versatility exemplified. Everything that Kyle does is professional. Kyle is an entertainer.

Lyle Miller – Keyboard/Piano & Vocals

Lyle Miller is that kind of a musician that will always be the backbone of any band. Lyle has performed with numerous bands for many years, in particular, he was the ‘backbone’ of the Howie Sturtz Band for over 30 years. Lyle has more experience playing and performing than most any other keyboard player in the Midwest.